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JBL Subwoofer Solutions. Unique, space for bass!

JBL Bass Solutions are unique application problem solvers. Where space is at a premium, JBL fits. With focus on EOM Styling and strong performance, JBL has solutions that fit.

Dual 12" Slot Ported 1000w Sub Enclosure with JBL Embroidered logo. Designed to fit in most all applications whether it be a hatch back or a truck, it's compact design is there for you when you need to turn it up.



JBL 11 Inch carbon fiber cone Passive Spare tire subwoofer. 600w RMS power handling. Great bass without taking up Space.



The JBL BassPRO8 subwoofer system’s built-in 100w amplifier provides electronics matched and optimized for woofer characteristics and enclosure acoustics. Class D operation also means the amplifier runs cooler and draws less current from the vehicle's electrical system. Slot ported for great output.



In Car Powerered Subwoofer. Out of Car Full Range BOOMBOX that makes this the absolute most flexible solution for your needs. Optional 2nd car kit and home charger is available.



#1 performing under seat subwoofer. Thin is in with the BassPROSL2. Delivering great bass in a small space. Complete now with Remote Level control.



JBL BassPROHUB delivers show and shine performance without crowding you cargo area. This all-in-one powered subwoofer fits in your spare tire delivers signature punch of JBL Bass in an unused space!



Dual 8" passive subwoofer that splits into 2. Perfect solution for underseat, in trunk or in your saddle bag. Small package that is sure to impress!



The whole system is carefully designed to integrate the 150W RMS Amplifier, 12" Long Throw subwoofer and slipstream port into one enclosure providing the easiest way to add strong bass to any car system complete with Remote level control. Amazing performance with all components are accounted for in the design!



JBL - 70 + years in the making. We are dedicated to excellence in sound reproduction. We develop solutions that embrace innovation and we strive to provide a highly satisfying audio experience.

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